Areas of Forecasting

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Every morning, millions of people around the world, are curious about what the weather will be like that day. Depending on where you live and what you do, the weather forecast can be very important to you and your plans for the day. The majority of us just care about how cold or hot it will be, how sunny or cloudy and if it is going to rain. However, on a daily basis, public and private weather services produce a number of specialized forecasts. The audiences of these forecasts are specific groups, with specific needs. This means that the forecast is created and customized to meet these special users’ requirements. Examples of these specialized kinds of users are: hotels, ski resorts, filming companies, construction companies and mines, among others. Private forecasting companies pay special attention to this kind of clients, supplying “tailored” forecasts for them.

Most common areas of weather forecasting

The most common areas of weather forecasting are: Agricultural Forecasts: For a farmer, the information included in a regular forecast (temperature, humidity, cloud cover, probability of precipitation) is not enough. Apart from [...]