Non-Scientific Ways to predict Weather

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People have been building their knowledge about weather since the beginning of time, basically through observation, until the arrival of modern technology.
Scientific investigation allowed the production of forecasts with a progressively increasing level of accuracy, but there have always been non-scientific ways of predicting weather, which people rely on, even these days.
For a long period, the weather was said to be Gods’ work; the weather was pleasant when the gods were happy and unpleasant when they were upset. People started looking for signs everywhere, from the grass to the stars…. Particularly, farmers and sailors developed their own ways of predicting weather and many of the most famous proverbs come from their tradition and have been transmitted from one generation to the other. When talking about animal behavior as a way to predict weather, we have to keep in mind that it is based on someone’s observations and not on scientific studies. However, it is true that under certain circumstances, the resulting forecast is fairly accurate, proving to be valid.

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