Weather Trivia

Subchapters: Weather Extremes, History of Meteorology, Weather Safety & Health, Weather Tidbits.

History of Meteorology

History of Meteorology

Humankind has been always fascinated by celestial phenomena, and observed them since the beginning of times. Meteorology, as a “branch of knowledge” started virtually when early men look up to [...]

Chronological review

From those beginning of orally transmitted knowledge to the latest satellite images, many fundamental events took place. Here there are many of the most transcendent ones, in a chronological order: C1060 [...]

Weather Extremes

Major Disasters

Extremes in weather such as floods, droughts, storms and other extreme weather events are part of the natural variability in climate. Extreme weather: weather phenomena that are at the extremes of [...]

World Weather Disasters

Hereunder, there is a quite vast list of world weather disasters, according to different criteria, being the main three the number of fatalities, economical losses and peculiarity of the phenomena [...]


Weather extremes are the highest and, in some cases, the lowest value of a climatic element (typically temperature and precipitation) observed during a given interval or during a given month [...]

World Weather Records

Highest temperature: 136º F (57.8º C), El Azizia, Libya, on Sept. 13, 1922. Highest average annual mean temperature: 94º F (34.4º C), in Dallol, Ethiopia. Hottest summer average in Western Hemisphere: 98º [...]

Weather Safety & Health

Illnesses related to weather:

There are a number of illnesses whose appearance and development are related to weather elements. Colds, allergies, heat and cold-related illnesses as well as S.A.D. and skin cancer are some [...]

Colds and Influenza Virus

Colds and the influenza virus (commonly named as flu) are usually related to autumn and winter; they are linked to cold weather or to sudden temperature changes. These are two [...]


Allergies - Symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis: sneezing watery eyes runny noses congestion and itchiness in the nose, roof of mouth, throat, eyes and ears. Allergic rhinitis or hay fever, are triggered by allergens, substances that [...]

Heat-related illnesses

Heat-Related Illnesses- Extreme heat can kill by taxing the human body beyond its abilities to shed heat by circulation and sweating. When this happens, heat-related illness may develop. These include: Heat [...]

Cold-related illnesses

Cold related illnesses: When exposed to cold temperatures or a cool, damp environment for prolonged periods, your body's control mechanisms may fail to keep your body temperature normal. Cold weather can [...]

Skin cancer and other UV related disorders

Skin cancer: It is the most common form of human cancer. Since the 80's, we have become aware of the health threats posed by ozone depletion, which decreases our atmosphere's natural protection [...]

Seasonal Affective Disorder

The end of long sunny days, bright colors and green leaves, the arrival of cold blasts of wind and snow produce in some people depressing thoughts, which are a possible [...]

Precautions to take during:

In hazardous weather conditions, taking precautions and safety actions is key to prevent people from dying or getting seriously hurt. The first safety tip is not to underestimate the power [...]

In case of thunderstorm and lightning

You should... Monitor the radio, listening for severe thunderstorm watches and warnings. Go to a small interior room on the lowest floor of your residence, school or office. Stay away from windows. If time [...]

In case of tornadoes...

At home: You should have an identified place to take shelter (underground area –basement- otherwise, an interior room). Stay away from windows. You should have an emergency alert weather radio, if available in [...]

In case of Hurricanes...

You MUST stay away from the ocean during a hurricane warning or hurricane, so move on to land. If you live in an evacuation area, you should know your home’s susceptibility [...]

In case of Floods...

Stay away from areas subject to flooding: streams, creeks, and low areas. In urban areas, stay away from underpasses. Do not attempt to cross flooded areas in a car or truck: If [...]

In case of Rip Current...

Learn how to swim and know your ability to swim in ocean waters and strong currents. If possible, always swim at beaches staffed by lifeguards or beach patrols and heed their [...]

In case of Snowstorms...

Prepare a Winter Storm Plan: Have extra blankets at hand. Ensure that each member of your household has a warm coat, gloves or mittens, hat, and water-resistant boots. Assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit [...]

In case of Avalanche...

Learn to recognize avalanche terrain and heed avalanche warnings. Avoid these areas. Prepare to travel in a group at all times. Every member needs proper equipment including a checked transceiver, shovel [...]

Weather Tidbits

Non-Scientific Ways to predict Weather

People have been building their knowledge about weather since the beginning of time, basically through observation, until the arrival of modern technology. Scientific investigation allowed the production of forecasts with a [...]

Animal behavior

Animals respond to changes in the atmosphere (e.g.: a pressure drop), which take place before a change in weather occurs (e.g.: rain). Ants - when they move to higher ground, it [...]

Sayings and Proverbs

When looking at weather proverbs, once again we should keep in mind that they not based on scientific studies, but on someone´s observations; they can eventually have local value. For ages, [...]

Farmer's Almanac

The Farmer’s Almanac is a classic in many countries. Apart from providing a guide on planting and harvesting, it includes weather forecasts, especially long range weather forecast as Farmer’s Almanacs [...]

Weather Funnies

Almost every topic in life can be subject of jokes and funny stories. Weather is not the exception and neither are weathermen. In some countries, especially in regions of severe [...]

Weather Jokes

Some Weather Jokes: What did one tornado say to another? "Let's blow this town!" Did you hear about the weather forecaster who quit her job after making a wrong forecast? She said [...]

Funny Stories

It was autumn, and the Indians on the remote reservation asked their new Chief if the winter was going to be cold or mild. Since he was a new Indian [...]