The Sun

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The Sun, apparently active for the past 4.6 billion years, is responsible not only for the existence of weather, but for the mere existence of life on Earth. The main engine of our atmosphere’s behavior is the Sun, by generating contrasts between sunny and cloudy regions. The Sun’s energy, in the form of light, ultraviolet and infrared energy, moves into our atmosphere warming up the air, the oceans and the land, being almost the only source of heat on Earth.

Structure of the Sun

The sun is structured in five zones or layers, which ordered from in-to-out, are: The core – it has an estimated temperature of 27 million Fahrenheit degrees (14 million Celsius degrees) [...]


Radiation is an important factor in the process of turning solar energy into weather. Generally speaking, it is defined as energy that is transmitted in the form of rays, waves [...]

Solar Wind

Solar wind is a stream of particles (mostly high-energy protons) which are ejected from the upper atmosphere of the Sun and move radially from it. The Sun's atmosphere is a [...]