The Earth

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In the Solar System, the Earth is the third planet of eight considering its distance from the Sun. It is one of the smallest, with a radius of about 3.945 miles (6350 km).

Structure of the Earth

The story starts five billion years ago, when the immense amount of caloric energy generated by a high-velocity bombardment of meteorites and comets melted the entire planet. Different processes led to [...]


Earth's rotation can be defined as the rotatory motion of the Earth with respect to its center of mass. While traveling around the Sun, our planet is spinning west to [...]


Revolution is defined as the rotatory motion of a celestial body around another. The complete revolution of the Earth’s orbit around the sun takes 365 ¼ days, which explains the [...]


The Earth’s tilt is the angle at which the Earth’s axis is leaning with respect to the Sun. The Earth’s axis is not perpendicular to its orbital plane: it [...]

Magnetic Field

It is defined as a magnetic shell that surrounds the planet. It is asymmetrically shaped, as it is delimited by the pressure of the solar wind, in the direction of [...]

Van Allen Belts

The Van Allen Belts were discovered in the late 1950s, and surround the Earth representing two regions of a particularly high concentration of charged particles. The inner belt occupies a [...]