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Fronts are the narrow zone of division between air masses of differing characteristics (temperature and humidity). They form where two large air masses collide at the Earth’s surface.
Two air masses with very different source regions will present very different properties in many ways, besides temperature, including wind direction, moisture, stability, etc. All these related parameters, are used to determine the location of the front. Wind direction changes at the front, becoming in most cases gusty and erratic. Collision of air masses generally produces turbulence, so fronts are usually associated with some form of precipitation. Thunderstorms, tornadoes and other severe weather can occur with fronts. Frontal movement, if occurs, is governed by the movement of the air on the colder side of the front.

Types of fronts

Cold front: Occurs when a dense cold air mass moves towards an area of warmer weather; cold air displaces lighter warmer air, pushing it upward; the front is the leading edge [...]

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