Climate Changes

Future Climate

A great number of scientists that gather climate data, use computer models to simulate future climate, and not surprisingly, they do not agree on what is coming ahead. Climate change is [...]

The Ozone Hole

The Ozone Hole is a characteristic severe depletion of stratospheric ozone that occurs each spring over the Antarctic continent. Although it is known as the Ozone Hole, “hole” gives the [...]

The Greenhouse Effect

There are certain gases in the atmosphere, called greenhouse gases, which permit the income of solar radiation but restrict the outward flow of infrared radiation, storing the heat by absorbing [...]

Air pollution

Air pollution is defined as the presence of substances in the atmosphere, generally contaminants, particularly those that do not occur naturally (anthropogenic air pollution), that substantially alter or degrade the [...]

International initiatives

International Initiatives regarding Future Climate: The creation (in 1988) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a proof of the international concern on future climate. The reports produced by this [...]

Recording Climate Changes

Having enough and accurate information about climate in the past, and the constant changes it has been undergoing, is a real challenge for scientists, as it cannot be done directly, [...]

Recording methods

Recording climate change methods: Tree rings - In a horizontal cross section cut from a tree trunk, variable width of rings are observed; these were produced by seasonal growth. The combination [...]

Through Time & Its Reasons

Change is the only constant. It has been going on in the planet for an estimated 4.5 billion years, since its creation.

Climate Change

Climate change is any systematic change in the long-term statistics of climate elements (e.g. temperature, winds, atmospheric pressure) which is persistent over several decades or more. In a timeframe, there is a [...]

Causes of Climate Change

Ice Ages Astronomical perturbations Geological perturbations Ocean Conveyor Belt Human activities 1. Ice Ages Let’s draw an imaginary time line and try to situate the different events of the planet’s history, from more than 120 million [...]